So Who Am I……..
(a very good question!)


I’m Sarah or my nom de plume is WDM. I live an off the grid life in our little rented wooden clad home on a rather lovely Welsh country estate. 

I wish it was mine – but hey not in this life!!
It is incredibly beautiful and seemingly isolated here – which of course I love! So to be honest possession means absolutely nothing! 

My random life is shared with my husband John and our multitude of animals at home and on our smallholding just two miles up the road. We spend all our time and all our money caring for one amazing creature or another. For some reason we are always broke! John tends to our fields and the farm, plus with his agricultural background he advises farmers on their grass management, working as a forage specialist – curtailed now of course as we’re on lockdown and he’s in the ‘at risk’ bracket so he’s under virtual lock and key! I fill my days as resident midwife to dogs, sheep and anything else that needs help + doing all the administrative and marketing side of our businesses. We breed Labradoodles, Standard Poodles, Sheep and Welsh Ponies. I’m also a passionate photographer taking endless pictures of our animals and the beautiful countryside. 

John and I are second time rounders so we both have our own wonderful kids. I have four beautiful and adventurous daughters and John has his hugely special son and daughter. We both have extremely wicked grandchildren whom we adore!

Unfortunately I suffer from Fibromyalgia which since falling off a ladder (don’t ask!) has seriously curtailed my activities and has rendered me in constant pain and at times virtually unable to walk, bend or use my hands and arms. However, I am still a spoilt and stubborn child at heart and refuse to be stopped by an infuriating illness. I push myself to the limit, ignore my screaming body as much as I can and do everything I’m advised not to do! Whilst I’m doing it I’m as happy as a sandboy but afterwards or when I can bear the pain no longer I suffer terribly and often have to recuperate resting in bed for days. This is NOT the way to deal with FM but I am coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never learn, and that as long as I can I want to live my life to the full and enjoy doing everything I love. I’ve tried every remedy under the sun – diet, God knows how many different ones! exercise programs, supplements, homeopaths, conventional medicine, functional medicine practitioners, acupuncture, massage, cranio sacral osteopathy, chiropractors – oh crikey so many things and nothing seems to work. I am practicing meditation, mindfulness and very gentle yoga at the moment and that I enjoy hugely, so I found something. 

Belief, trust and love for others and myself is all important. 

My blog features my thoughts, my activities, my day to day experiences, and my photo’s here in our little Welsh bubble.

I hope you enjoy it!

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